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Tobacco is the most preventable cause of death in the United States, and is responsible for 1 out of 5 deaths. Nome Community Center has made it their mission to empower the tribes, elders, and youth in the communities across the Bering Straits Region to change the statistic through education, support, and services.

"If you would like to contact Nome Community Center Tobacco Prevention Advocates please call Spruce Lynch and Amber Otton at 443-5259 or email

For more information on the EUDL program please call 443-5259

"We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build
our youth for the future."
~Franklin D. Roosevelt


All alcohol and drug prevention programs are grant-funded and encourage youth to make healthy choices for their future. Some programs are interventions for youth who have been caught using drugs or alcohol, and others are intended to educate kids about the risks before they get involved with these dangerous substances. The goal of these programs is to influence youth to want positive, healthy lifestyles and break the cycle of substance abuse.

If you know a youth who needs help with an alcohol problem, call the Nome Community Center at 443-5259. We will work to find the right program that fits their needs.

The Prime for Life program is offered by staff to youth offenders with Minor Consuming charges as well as through Nome Beltz High School Health Class. The program educates youth about decision making and research around alcohol and drugs to become better prepared to make educated decisions regarding drug and alcohol use. Prime for Life focuses on delivering accurate information, strengthening positive personal choices, teaching drug-resistance, supporting change and planning for success. 

JASAAP stands for Juvenile Alcohol Substance Abuse Action Plan. It is a program supported by the State of Alaska and utilized by the Nome Community Center to combat and prevent underage drinking and substance abuse in the Bering Strait Region. JASAAP Coordinators act as a liason with the Alaska Court System, Probation Office, Division of Motor Vehicles, Nome Public Schools and Tribal Organizations to case manage youth who struggle with Minor Consuming charges.

The Nome Community Center believes in the value of service to the community as a means of rehabilitation, community improvement as well as individual betterment. The Nome Community Center works with youth referred to a community service program to find opportunities for valuable and meaningful service in Nome. Community Service provides a chance to be connected with positive role models, increase self-esteem and find value within the Nome community.

If you have a community service project you think would benefit a Youth Court defendant, or to learn about available opportunities, please call the Nome Community Center at 443-5259.  If you are looking for other ways to volunteer your time to the Nome Community Center, visit our Volunteer page.

Nome Youth Court (NYC) is a grant-funded program. It is established to offer youth offenders a second chance and provide civic learning opportunities for youth in the community.

As the name implies, Youth Court is primarily run by teens aged 13-18. Teens are encouraged to join at any time by attending a Youth Court meeting. In order to serve as an attorney, judge or baliff, members are required to pass a bar exam. Volunteering for youth court offers members a chance to explore Alaska's judicial system, understand the value of justice and equality in the courtroom, and develop skills such as public speaking, professionalism, case objectivity and rational decision making.

NYC also expands beyond seriousness of the courtroom. Members also organize events such as dances, teen nights, lock-ins and gift-wrapping session to raise funds. The money raised is used for future events and trips such as the annual Youth Courts of Alaska Conference.

If you are a teen interested in joining NYC, please call 443-5259 for information on future meetings and events.

Youth Court gives juvenile offenders an opportunity to keep their crime off their record. Only juveniles who plead "no contest" at Juvenile Intake for Class A or B misdemeanors have an opportunity to be sentenced through Youth Court. "No contest" is a plea in which the defendant neither admits nor denies their crime, but agrees to accept the sentence without contest. The defendants' sentences focus on rehabilitation and mediation (when a victim is involved): in other words, healing and righting wrongs. The bulk of a sentence is Community Work Service hours, which are spent doing a variety of activities that improve the community and offer positive role models for the youth. Defendants can also be sentenced to write essays or apology letters to the victim(s) or their parents, sibling(s), or others who may have been affected. In cases of theft or property damage, restitution is also incorporated into the sentence.  Please contact Joseph Balderas, for information.


Boys and Girls Club of Nome is funded through grants and donations. Located at 415 West 2nd Street, the Boys and Girls Club opens its doors to Nome's youth, providing a safe environment for them to learn and grow, positive ongoing relationships with adults that care, and life enhancing programs and fun activities. The Boys and Girls Club aims to encourage positive character development through instruction, role modeling, and new experiences.

The club is open Monday through Friday from 2:00pm to 6:00pm for kids from 6 to 18 years old. The club also offers teen nights, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. Some daily club activities include Power Hour, which offers homework help, book reading assistance, and computer and internet use, Arts and Crafts, such as oil painting, sketching, coloring, beading etc, as well as Triple Play, which includes games like jump rope, musical chairs, limbo, and twister. Staff are always on the premises during open hours, and volunteers are always welcome.

Donate Today!
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Call Chris Steppe 443-6006 or email if you are interested in volunteering your time, or donating items such as food, games, toys and movies in good condition. All volunteers are required to pass a Background check prior to working with youth members.

Also, visit our Volunteer or Donations page for more information.


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The Obesity Prevention Program is funded by the State of Alaska Department of Health and Social Service coordinated by the Nome Community Center in conjunction with Nome Public Schools. The program focuses on improving the overall health of students through education and policy implementation regarding physical activity and nutrition. Improving physical activity and nutrition among students has proven to decrease negative health issues in the future, reduce obesity rates and improve academic performance.

The goal of the K-12 Obesity Prevention Program is to improve the health of students in Alaska by creating, implementing, communicating and enforcing strong school wellness policies that support high-quality physical education, increase daily physical activity, and improve the school nutrition environment. Keep your eye out for fun and active activities and don't forget to get out and play 60 minutes EVERYDAY!

Join the Wellness Team! Bring your voice to the table, help establish and implement Board Policy that will be the foundation for health for our students and staff for years to come! Together we can make a positive difference! If you are interested in working to improve the short and long term physical activity and nutrition efforts in the Nome Public Schools please contact Stephanie Kemper for more information: 443-5259 or

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